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Excel Is Slowing You Down

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Excel is used for storing, organising and manipulating data, is easy to use and is found everywhere. Excel is excellent because of its flexibility – simple or complex you can do it in Excel. When time is short, or you need to shift data from one system to another it is easy to default to using Excel.

The thing is, Excel has all sorts of problems that are costing you time and money, here are just a few of them.

Excel is error-prone:

  • Manual data entry leads to human-error.

  • Copying and pasting across multiple spreadsheets also leads to human-error.

  • The lack of built-in error-checking means that users need to do their own, but most don’t do any error checking at all.

  • Emailing spreadsheets results in multiple versions of the data.

  • All of the above are time consuming and Excel-based work is quite often mundane, which leads to the creation of more errors as users are disengaged from the task.

RPA can automate repetitive, manual, rules-based Excel work which provides the following direct benefits for you and your teams:

  • The team is freed to engage in higher value tasks, improving both the output of the team and the satisfaction of team members.

  • Bots increase the productivity of the team – bots make zero-errors and can be run whenever you like, 24/7.

  • Bots integrate with any other systems, securely logging in and completing the task.

Some common Excel tasks that have been automated by our bots:

  • Reading and writing data from websites or other file types such as PDF or Word.

  • Extracting data from one source, formatting it and importing it into a second system.

  • Creating analysis reports.

  • Filling in forms with data from Excel.

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